Charles Jacobs: “Silence As the Christians Die”

Dr. Charles Jacobs

Charles JcobsIn this powerful piece for the Jewish Advocate, Jewish human rights activist Dr. Charles Jacobs cites CSI’s Genocide Warning for religious minorities in the Middle East, and examines the reasons for the West’s silence on this issue:

Why is the West so shamefully silent in the face of the onslaught against Christian peoples and communities throughout the Islamic realm?

If the reasons for this are not understood – and if the silence continues – we are almost sure to witness bloody religious/ ethnic “cleansings,” if not actual genocides.

The Syrian Christians in Damascus, whose church has just been bombed by anti-Bashar al-Assad rebels, know their community will be wiped out if Assad is toppled. The Christian Copts in Egypt can see what the Salafists have in store for them as the Muslim Brotherhood assumes more and more control. The Copts’ daughters are already being raped, their priests beaten, their churches set aflame. From Nigeria to Malaysia, from Pakistan to Iraq, from Uzbekistan to Tanzania, Christians are arrested, harassed and threatened. Murder is in the air.

Some in the West see what is coming. The Middle East Forum recently launched a monthly update on Christian persecution in Islamic lands. Last year, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) issued a “genocide warning” concerning the endangered non-Muslim minorities (mostly Christians) in North Africa and the broader Islamic Middle East. John Eibner, President of CSI’s USA branch, asked President Barack Obama to speak out on behalf of the endangered Christians.

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