British ISIS killed by drone, cell phone reveals location

MQ-9_Reaper_at_flightTwo British ISIS jihadists were blitzed by a drone controlled by RAF in Syria after one of them phoned friends in the UK, revealing their location in the Syrian desert.

The car of Reyaad Khan, 21, and Rahul Amin, 26, was attacked by a missile fired from an MQ-9 Reaper drone. The Sun reports Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was briefed and gave the attack the go-ahead just minutes before the drone hit its target.The paper revealed they were wiped out by a laser-guided anti-tank Hellfire missile after one of them made a phone call on an encrypted mobile phone. Another ISIS fighter was killed by drone three days later in a joint operation between USA and Britain.

Many members of Parliament were surprised to find out that Britain has used military force against UK citizens without receiving the Parliament’s approval. Some also criticized the act saying that the two were killed with no chance of a trial. However, British Prime Minisrer, David Cameron insisted that the attacks were justified as they were in self-defense, after clear evidence indicated their hostile intentions towards Braitain. According to Cameron, security services have been tracking their movements for some time and eavesdropping their calls. The attack was authorized after it was discovered the fighters were planning attacks against Britain, which were meant to be carried out on several memorial days. These events usually host many people, veterans and public figures, as well as the queen of England.

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