April fools

This morning I was listening to Fox News as they were giving a report on the current situation in Libya and Syria. My preparations for the day came to a screeching halt when I heard the talking head say, in the kindest, most compassionate voice, “the struggle for democracy in the Middle East continues…” What is it that they – the talking heads – do not, cannot or refuse to understand about the so-called struggle for democracy in the Middle East and the spontaneity of it all. I am astounded at the blind ignorance of the media, the very ones that we trust to bring us truth from around the world.

There is nothing spontaneous about these uprisings. Without a doubt, there are some people involved who truly do want democracy and a better life for themselves. Those people are not the ones that have caused the uprising but have been used by the Muslim Brotherhood as pawns in a very dangerous chess game. To think, suggest or hope that anyone is behind these demonstrations other than the Muslim Brotherhood is to imply that we, the people, are totally stupid and incapable of understanding what the media chooses not to admit.

Think of this: four Muslim countries have already been engulfed in this uprising. Four have melted and more are on the fire. Egypt has fallen. Tunisia has fallen. Syria is struggling to stay afloat. Jordan is on the brink as the American-backed Hashemite Kingdom dodges the bullets of change and clings to life. One by one, they are falling. As they fall, the Muslim scimitar becomes larger and stronger until finally, it will be able to surround Israel on the north, the south and the east, leaving only the Mediterranean on the West. Even that space has been penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood as Iran has, just since the fall of Egypt, brought two test ships through the Suez Canal and docked them at the narrow coastline of Syria.

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