Peres offered us ‘Golan for Iran’

“We are reaching our hand out for peace with Syria, but peace cannot exist without a basic condition: You cannot reach a hand out for peace while continuing to support terror groups.”

┬áSyrian president says his Russian counterpart relayed message from Israeli president that Jewish state will be willing to withdraw from Golan Heights if Damascus cuts its ties with Tehran, ‘resistance movements’. Assad takes offer lightly, says ‘reality proves Israel is not working for peace’ Roee Nahmias

Syrian President Bashar Assad says his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, relayed a message from President Shimon Peres last week, that Israel was willing to withdraw from the Golan Heights in exchange for Syria cutting its ties with Iran and the “resistance movements”.

Assad made the remark in an interview published Tuesday in Lebanese newspaper as-Safir.

Last week, President Peres took part in ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of the Nazi defeat in Moscow. He asked Medvedev to relay a message to Assad, with who the Russian leader met two days later.

On the backdrop of the recent tensions and the calming messages, Assad replied: “Our answer is clear. Reality proves that Israel is not working for peace, so talks will not help.”

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