Will that be cash, credit, fingerprint or iris Scan?

By Jared Lindzon Follow
Forget about whipping out your credit card. The next time you have to buy milk, condoms or whatever else you need, some mobile technology and financial companies are hoping you’ll give a quick imprint of your finger, scan of your eye or tap of an armband that links to your heartbeat.

Once used for getting high-level security clearances and criminal record checks done, biometric security features — fingerprints, iris scans and other unique human identifiers — are just starting to make inroads as forms of payment. Already, companies like Apple and Samsung have implemented fingerprint-scanning features into their latest smartphones. Their goal? To replace your need for schlepping around a credit card (in favor of a phone number) and remembering a PIN (which could be done through your fingerprint). Meanwhile, banks in countries such as the United Kingdom and Poland are set to release credit cards, online banking features or even ATMs where customers can approve payments or withdraw cash by scanning their finger and having their vein read as a form of ID. In some cases, companies have recently started rolling out this technology.
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