Why Palestinians are on the verge of civil war

abbasMahmoud Abbas Photo: EPA

By Benny Avni

The two-state solution, a long-held US-backed plan for a rosy Mideast future, is threatened by Mr. Yesterday — someone hopelessly clinging to the past.

That Mr. Yesterday isn’t Donald Trump, whose aides deleted the words “two-state solution” from the Republican platform. And it isn’t Hillary Clinton, whose would-be veep, Tim Kaine, last year boycotted the Israeli prime minister’s speech to Congress. Hillary and Kaine cherish the two-state solution dearly.

It isn’t Bernie Sanders, whose supporters hoisted a Palestinian flag on the convention floor Monday in lieu of Old Glory. Or Rep. Hank Johnson, (D-Ga.), who this week called Israeli settlers “termites.”

It isn’t even those idiots who burned an Israeli flag in front of the convention hall Tuesday night to protest, well, something. If anything, those Israeli-flag-burners represent the future of America’s progressive left, not its past. They threaten a tomorrow that’ll make us weep for yesterday.

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