Why is Glenn Beck in Israel?

“But I have sensed things, because I am a student of history, and trouble is coming. And trouble is coming all over the world because there is a fight for democracy and not a fight for freedom.”

#imag1 Glenn took a trip out the country this past weekend, and explained why he made the journey to the other side of the world on radio this morning.

“I only know one successful democracy, if you will, in the entire Middle East, one that doesn’t stone homosexuals, force its women not to drive or go outside of their homes without a man by their side, and that’s Israel. It’s the only one I know,” Glenn said.

“Me not being Jewish, me not being a minority, me growing up in the tulip capital of the world outside of Holland, I really haven’t had a tough life. I really haven’t had many problems. I’ve never really experienced any kind of discrimination.”

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