Whose rockets knocked out Iran’s ballistic missile launchers?

 Imam Ali BaseIran is under enemy attack on four fronts in a war never acknowledged as such by the regime in Tehran or admitted by the aggressors. The advantage to Iran of this shadow conflict is that it is not obliged to respond. Its leaders are therefore free to bend all their energies to propping up their Islamic Revolutionary regime. The advantage to the attackers is that they can keep on battering the Islamic Republic without risking an open clash and bring their hammers down on one front after another without warning. In the last three months, four such offensives were launched against Iran, starting in July: 1. The cyber-attack: The Stuxnet virus planted in Iran’s nuclear and military control networks seriously damaged those systems. This attack is still ongoing, defying all attempts to exorcise the wily worm. (This offensive was exclusively covered from its outset by DEBKA-Net-Weekly. See Issue 463: The Stuxnet Malworm’s First Strike.) 2. Rockets destroy secret missile launchers: On Tuesday, October 12, the day before Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad flew to Beirut, three massive explosions blasted through one of Iran’s top-secret military installations, the underground store holding Shihab-3 intermediate-range ballistic missiles which were held ready for launching against US targets in Iraq and Israel in the event of war. An unknown number of missiles, their launchers and warheads, including some tri-conic nosecones, were destroyed at the site beneath the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Imam Ali Base near the city of Khorramabad, in the Lorestan province of southwestern Iran. The base is also home to IRGC’s main missile force, the Al-Hadid Brigade, 18 of whose members were killed and 14 injured in the blast, according the official communiqué in Tehran – probably more, according to our sources.

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