Weapons cache uncovered in overnight IDF raid in Shechem

By Aryeh Savir
Tazpit News Agency

0IDF soldiers have uncovered a weapons cache during a special raid conducted last night in Shechem. The cache included two pistols, parts of an M16 rifle, over 100 ammunition clips, different kinds of ammunition, and other military equipment.
Over the past two months the IDF has recovered more than 100 bullets, IDF military equipment, a variety of improvised weapons, more than 100 ammunition clips, several Molotov cocktails, three pistols, five rifles, and three knives in ten different incidents.
Six shooting attacks have been executed against Israeli civilians by Palestinian terrorists over the past two months.
The last occurred early Tuesday morning (June 25), when Arabs shot at a public transportation bus that was driving to the Tapuach junction in the Samaria. There were no passengers in the bus at the time. The driver was not injured.The army temporarily locked down Hawarwa, near Shechem, where the shooting occurred, while the IDF searched for the shooter.The IDF found 4 pistol bullet casings at the site of the shooting.
Two weeks ago, another bus was also shot in the same area. That bus was carrying passengers, but no one was injured.
A few days later, more than 30 bullets were shot at an armored army ambulance, 5 of which hit the armored plating. That attacked occurred in the Hursa village near Negohot. No one was injured. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an IDF spokesman, stated: “More than a dozen shooting incidents were reported since the beginning of 2013 in Judea and Samaria. Such counter terrorism activities in the region are crucial to the prevention of such incidents.”

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