US, Israel to start major joint drills

The IDF and the US military will begin a major joint air defense exercise Wednesday, highlighting military ties between the two allies at a time of heightened tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.

The drill could have political implications for Israel’s regional foes, with the exercise testing technology that could be used to defend Israel against an Iranian attack.

The maneuver underlines the strong alliance between the US and Israel, despite recent spats over Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. The exercise, codenamed Juniper Cobra 10, will test the two countries’ missile defense systems and will include roughly 1,000 US military personnel and a similar number of Israeli troops, the IDF said.

The US has deployed 17 warships equipped with radar systems to detect surface-to-surface missiles for the exercise. The countries plan to set up radar sites along the Israeli coast and launch dummy missiles from the sea to test the system’s performance.

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surface-to-surface missiles for the exercise

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