The shift in Israel is here

gaza-israel-mapBy Keith Johnson
While the world waits for something to shift in Israel that will end its ground operation in Gaza, Israel is not waiting for the world to catch up with the shift that has already occurred because of the air and underground attacks from Gaza. While airlines from around the world suspend flights to Israel because a rocket from Gaza landed too close to Ben Gurion Airport, El Al Israel Airlines is continuing flight operations regardless of the rockets. Beyond the continuing battle on the ground in Gaza and foreign airlines’ fear of rockets from Hamas, the shift goes even deeper.

In previous conflicts with the terrorist organizations like Hamas, Israel has bowed to political pressure or sometimes even pity because of Pulitzer prize-winning pictures of the casualties of war being promoted around the world. In the past, Israel was expected to negotiate with terrorists for the sake of human dignity for the captured or the dead from the ranks of the Israel Defense Force. At the time of this writing the IDF has delivered the remains of 26 soldiers to mourning families who must bury them under skies laced with rockets launched from the same streets in Gaza where their loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice for their countrymen.

However, a 27th soldier has been declared missing in action. Hamas claims they have kidnapped an Israeli soldier named Shaul Aaron. The IDF says that Sgt. Oren Shaul is missing, but at present there is no further information about his status. The name of this missing soldier is another signal to the world that the ground has shifted in Israel at a deeper level than the terrorist tunnels in Gaza.

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