The reunification of Gaza and the West Bank

by Moshe Phillips

What Does “the Reunification of Gaza and the West Bank” Really Mean? By Cheryl Lewin, Chair AFSI Chicago

As a concerned US citizen and in my capacity as the Chicago co-chair of AFSI/Americans for a Safe Israel (

Please read this statement from Robert Serry, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace (he is from the Netherlands). He is applauding and in favor of what will be the destruction the State of Israel – the entire State of Israel (and there is no differentiating between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem).

Supporting Hamas and Fatah and an alliance between the two is dangerous to all of us.

Below I have included a link where you can contact your congressional representatives and senators.

Our tax dollars must stop supporting the UN and their funding of terrorist regimes.

Read Entire Story in Town Hall

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