The Arrow that flieth by day

untitledBy Gary Stearman
The arrow, that most ancient of weapons, could kill one person. Modern “arrows” have been honed by high technology. Today, they are supersonic, intercontinental smart weapons, carrying enough death-dealing pestilence to kill thousands, even hundreds of thousands, in a single stroke.

When we think of war in the Middle East, our greatest dread grows out of the possibility of missile launches from various locations.

They might be loaded with sarin nerve gas or chlorine fumes, a wide range of explosives, or even biological agents, such as modified anthrax or engineered viruses of various types. No one will say how many such diabolical substances are now ready for launch. Once again, because of the ongoing war in Syria, rockets carrying nerve gas have been deployed, killing warriors and children alike. This recent event has caused us to think again about what might happen in a full-fledged Mideast war.

The most horrifying development would, of course, be the launch of a nuclear warhead. For years, we’ve watched the Iranians progressively develop nuclear capability, as well as improved rockets to launch them.

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