Senior General: US in greatest danger since 1930s

img459499Senior analyst Gen. McInerney warns that US is in comparable danger to pre-WWII period, specifically from Russian and Iranian hegemonies.
By Ari Yashar& Orli Harari

General Thomas McInerney
ScreenshotSenior military analyst Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney spoke to Arutz Sheva on Tuesday, warning that rising Russian and Iranian influence, coupled with America’s waning Middle East presence, has put the US in the most dangerous situation it has been in since the 1930s just prior to World War II.

McInerney addressed the global security situation following the “EMPact” conference in Washington DC, in which analysts warned that the US is unprepared for an Iranian “Electromagnetic Pulse” attack. The General urged the world to wake up to the Iranian nuclear threat which he fears may be allowed a free hand following deals in the ongoing Geneva conference.

Aside from the Iranian danger, McInerney noted that spreading Russian influence poses a serious threat.

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