Say no to the Kotel

Temple Movement may adopt a new slogan – “Say ‘no’ to the Kotel” – because it wants people to say ‘yes’ to the Temple Mount. By Gil Ronen

The Movement for Establishment of the Temple will hold a Temple Conference and “Temple Feast” in ten days’ time, and it intends to adopt a new slogan – “Say ‘No’ to the Kotel” — that some will find provocative.

Yehuda Glick of the Movement explained the rationale behind the slogan in an exclusive Arutz Sheva interview. The Jewish people, he said, have gotten psychologically accustomed over the centuries to a situation in which they only had access to the Kotel and in which rebuilding the Temple seemed like an impossible dream.

However, the dream is more possible than ever and it is time to start thinking and acting differently, he urged. “About 25 years ago we started to ascend to the Temple Mount,” he explained. “We were barely ten people. And now hundreds of people ascend. The question is, how do we create a consciousness that Jews on the Temple Mount are a natural thing.”

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