Queen Esther: Five lessons in personal transformation

Queen Esther shows us how to overcome our obstacles and move forward, despite our fears.

by Sara Debbie Gutfreund

Imagine that you are an orphan who is being raised by your uncle. You are utterly alone in this world, always wondering where you really came from and if you’ll ever feel like you belong anywhere.
Suddenly, you are forced into marriage to a man that you neither like nor respect. You are stuck in a foreign palace where you can only eat fruit and seeds. There is no one for you to speak to and nothing for you to do except wonder how long you will have to remain living this life that someone else has chosen for you.

This was Queen Ester’s life. She could have been filled with self- pity, thinking how unfair it was that she was born into this world without parents. And how, after all her suffering, she was forced into a role that could have so easily robbed her of her dignity and her faith. She could have given up. She could have sunk into a hole of her own despair. But instead Queen Esther became a heroine. She kept her faith and her dignity. She refused to give up even when everything seemed lost. She took her tragic story and used it to transform her life.
Here are five lessons in personal transformation that we can learn from Esther’s life:
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