PM: All embassies, especially the US, should be in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on May 7, 2017.

(AFP PHOTO / POOL / Oded Balilty)

Ahead of Trump visit, Netanyahu says Jerusalem is eternal capital of Israel and embassies should be relocated thereBY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that all foreign embassies in Israel should be located in Jerusalem, chief among them the American embassy.

Speaking at a Likud event on Thursday, Netanyahu said Jerusalem is the “eternal capital of the Israeli people and it is fitting that all embassies, especially that of our friend the United States, be moved the Jerusalem.”

The remark came less than two weeks ahead of the expected visit of US President Donald Trump, who during his presidential campaign last year, promised to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a potential move he has distanced himself from since his election in November.


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