Pew: Orthodox Jews mirror evangelical Christians, vote GOP

730x420-1ef8b83d6dd0f33892761cfddac7c07aBy PAUL BEDARD
In a shift sure to impact American politics, a new study of the growing orthodox Jewish population shows that they are in virtual lockstep with the nation’s conservative evangelical Christians, with 57 percent identifying with the Republican Party.

A new Pew Research Center survey published in the Jewish journal Forward found that orthodox Jews mirror evangelical Protestants and Catholics in their devotion to God, their politics and even how often they attend services.

“Orthodox Jews vote, believe, worship, act and raise their children more like white evangelical Protestants than like their fellow Jews,” said the Forward.

“If the Orthodox grow as a share of U.S. Jews, they gradually could shift the profile of American Jews in several areas, including religious beliefs and practices, social and political views and demographic characteristics,” the report added.
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