Passover Desserts You Can’t Pass Over

These dessert recipes are worth the calories and the time to make.

by Elizabeth Kurtz

Passover desserts get a bad reputation; either they don’t seem worth the time to make or the calories, or both. I’ve created some dessert recipes both here and on that are delicious year round and also Passover friendly.
I stay away from heavy cakes and pastries and instead opt for lighter and fresher flavors. These are especially perfect because they are make-ahead friendly too. The Marbled Meringue Roulade with Sweet Cream is a little dressier and for special company. Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Cream Pie, and Chocolate Almond Flour Loaf Cake with Raspberry Sauce, I keep in my freezer all through the holiday and we enjoy them over and over again. Simple, stunning, and delicious.
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