Op-Ed: The POTUS wrote off Jewish Blood for his Pact with the Devil

Mullahs and ayatollahs are free to threaten a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. And chant death to America. Obama is busy protecting Iran from Israel.

By Steve Apfel

Nuclear talks dependent on Iran moderating its craven conduct were never on the cards. Obama strived for one goal, and only one: to stop Iran making The Bomb. So he declaimed, fired up after announcing the deal he had set his mind on getting, come hell or high water. Finally he had chased down the devil and made a pact with it. The POTUS (president of the United States) had his signature legacy and Iran, for a time, would have no Bomb.

Tom Friedman of the New York Times talked to the President at the height of his triumph. He wanted people to know what that triumph really was. “Don’t judge me on whether this deal transforms Iran. Judge me on one thing: does the deal prevent Iran from breaking out with a nuclear weapon for the next 10 years, and is that a better outcome for America, Israel and our Arab allies than any alternative on the table?”

This table played a much bigger role than tables normally do. Above all it had to be clutter-free. Any side issue, if it offended Iran, had to be taken off the table. For that reason the issue of Americans held hostage was removed. So was Iran’s vicious rhetoric against Israel, not to mention its world-wide web of terrorism. Had America and its partners brought these and other side issues to the table, Iran would have turned around and walked away. Then it would have made The Bomb. According to Obama.
The Iranians knew one thing for certain: they’d got out of jail, not on parole, but with the license to spend one hundred fifty billion.
So mullahs and ayatollahs were free to threaten a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. And chant death to America. Add Obama’s well-known aversion to bombs from the sky or boots on the ground, and considering the ephemeral red lines he draws, Tehran grasped that targeting Jews, or Israel itself, would invite no reprisal. To the contrary: America would protect Iran.

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