IDF: Next conflict with Hamas will take place on Israel’s terms

F160113HP15-e1454688631426-635x357Top Israeli officer says terror group unprepared for future war, and while it is building new rockets, blockade makes materials hard to obtain

Hamas is amassing fighters and materiel at a “surprisingly” quick pace in the Gaza Strip, a senior IDF officer told reporters on Thursday, but the terror group does not appear to be prepared for renewed direct conflict with Israel in the near future.

He stressed the terrorist organization would not again drag Israel into a war, and that any future conflict will be one undertaken at the initiative of the Jewish state.

Since the 2014 Operation Protective Edge in the beleaguered Strip, Hamas has been working tirelessly to replace its diminished ranks and rocket arsenal — and with some success, the high-ranking Southern Command officer told reporters.

“Hamas is a highly intelligent enemy. They surprise me and learn their lessons very quickly,” he said.

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