Netanyahu heading to war

PM knows that rejection of peace with Syria will lead to terrible war

Enough has been said about the war mongers, ranging from Yossi Peled to Avigdor Lieberman. These are honest and transparent people. However, at this time we must raise a hue and cry vis-à-vis the peace imposers. We must scream in the prime minister’s face: You are not heading towards peace, so stop talking nonsense. You are heading towards war with Syria.

Peaceful Intent?

You know it, even if you do not desire it. If you were seeking peace, you would be sitting down with Syrian President Assad and secure it. You know the price.

You also know where all the rejections and refusals, masks and costumes lead to. Ranging from Golda to Olmert, they have led to war, blood, and needless victims. Ariel Sharon told Assad to go to hell when the latter was at the door like a poor man begging to be rescued. The excuse was that Assad is too weak, so what’s the point. The result was that we missed out on peace with Syria on the most convenient terms possible.

It’s not too late Sharon’s successor, Olmert, also ignored Assad’s pleas, because the Americans ordered him to do so. The price was a miserable and cursed war in Lebanon. The Left, for some reason, also does not rush to give up the Golan Heights for peace, so the media silence – with the exception of a few crazy souls committed to the cause like this writer – is guaranteed.

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