More than 100 groups sound alarm over UN

More than 100 religious and non-religious organisations, including several Muslim, have signed a petition against the proposed United Nations resolutions on the ‘defamation of religions,’ which they state will do more harm than good for religious freedom.

The groups express fears that if the new resolutions become legally-binding as an international treaty, they will seriously limit the criticism of religion and would provide international cover for domestic anti-blasphemy laws in Islamic countries where these laws are used to persecute Christians under the guise of protecting Islam.

The groups argue in their statement:

‘… unlike traditional defamation laws, which punish false statements of fact that harm individual persons, measures prohibiting the ‘defamation of religions’ punish the peaceful criticism of ideas.

‘United Nations resolutions on the defamation of religions are incompatible with the fundamental freedoms of individuals to freely exercise and peacefully express their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs’.

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