Minister Bennett: Now is most fateful time for Israel since Yom Kippur War

779Minister Naftali Bennett at New York’s 92nd st Y. Photo: Joyce Culver. By avatar Algemeiner Staff

On a mission in the U.S. to represent Israel’s position on the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and world powers, the Jewish state’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett was blunt and to the point, speaking before a crowd at Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y Sunday.

“It is the most fateful days since the Yom Kippur War in Israel,” he said, referring to the time since the founding of modern Israel that the country was most in peril.

“If a decade from now, God forbid, a nuclear suitcase blows up in an American city, we will be able to trace it back to these days, where a bad deal was signed,” he warned, reiterating his country’s very public insistence that world powers, now negotiating with Tehran over the country’s nuclear program, don’t ease up on sanctions unless Iran agrees to give up its nuclear infrastructure.

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