Jordan sends armored forces to face down ISIL ‘and their pickup trucks’

Jordan-soldier-borders-650_416-300x192AMMAN — has deployed heavy combat platforms near Iraq in an effort to stop Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Officials said the Army was deploying a range of main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers along Jordan’s 181-kilometer border with Iraq.

A Jordanian soldier sits atop a tank near the border with Iraq.
The officials said the armored force was ready to respond to any ISIL presence along
the Iraqi-Jordanian border.

“The border guards have been in a 24/7 state of alert supported by the
Jordanian armed forces because of what is taking place in Iraq,” Jordanian
Border Guard commander Maj. Gen. Saber Al Mahayrah said.

Much of the Jordanian force was based in the border town of Karameh. The
force consisted of U.S.-origin M-60 MBTs, M113 APCs and Humvee combat


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