Jordan bans sale of Petra land to ‘Israelis’

648947In forbidding sale and rent of real estate in the ancient city to ‘Israelis’, the Jordanians appear to mean ‘Jews’.

By Gil Ronen

The Jordanian parliament has passed a law prohibiting the sale and rent of real estate in the ancient city of Petra to Israeli citizens, reported Ammon News Tuesday, citing the Jordanian daily al-Rai.

The law supposedly followed a growing wave of reports about Israelis buying land in the city, and differentiates between Israeli and other foreign investors. While non-Israeli foreigners are allowed to invest in land located outside Petra Archaeological Park, Israelis are banned from renting or buying real estate in the entire Petra region.

The law – an amendment to the Petra Development and Tourism Authority law – was submitted by MPs Mahmoud Kharabsha and Assaf Shubki.

It passed on Tuesday after “a contentious meeting during which many parliament members voiced strong criticism against Israel, describing it as ‘the enemy’ and ‘the oppressing entity’ and emphasizing that Jordan should take revenge on Israel for its violations on Temple Mount,” Ammon News added.

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