John Kerry at State: A disaster for Israel

By Moshe Phillips
President Obama’s decision to nominate Senator John Kerry as his next secretary of state will prove to be a disaster for Israel.
The choice of the American Jewish establishment to vehemently protest the expected nomination of former Senator Chuck Hagel while granting Kerry a free pass for his anti-Israel behavior follows a longtime pattern.  Hagel is a Republican who has a history of marking foolish remarks regarding Israel and has long been seen as an independent thinker on Middle East policy with a non-interventionist outlook.  Kerry, however, is the much bigger problem for Israel.
Hagel as SecDef will be tasked with handling military issues.  Kerry will be in a position to effect policy as it impacts Israel, set an overall tone for the U.S. in the Middle East, and be a key player in future negotiations.
When it comes to criticizing Democrats who are hostile to Israel, the Jewish elites have a history of weakness.  From Jesse Jackson to Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama, Democrats are treated with kid gloves and given the benefit of the doubt, while pro-Israel Republicans are never given their due praise.
When Kerry ran for president, he was vetted by the so-called pro-Israel community in the U.S., and little was made of his attitudes toward Israel because he had, for the most part, steered clear of controversy. 

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