Jewish worshippers ‘driving tourists away’ from David’s Tomb



(Photo: Kobi Har Zvi, Behadrei Haredim)

Tour guides file a complaint with Tourism and Public Security ministries, claiming ‘radical ultra-Orthodox activists’ are disrupting their work by interfering in Christian tourists’ visits to the Jerusalem holy site.
David’s Tomb. Tour guides have had enough

Moshe Heller

Israeli tour guides have filed a complaint with the Tourism and Public Security ministries, claiming that Jewish worshippers at David’s Tomb are disrupting their work by interfering in their visits to the Jerusalem site with foreign tourists.

The tour guides further claimed that the police were failing to handle the regular friction created at the site, which is considered holy by both Jews and Christians.

David’s Tomb has been the site of a fierce battle between Jews and Christians for a long time now. The Jewish worshippers have been trying to prevent the entry of Christians in light of reports that the Israeli government and the Vatican were in talks to hand control of the site over to the Catholic Church. So far, the battles have included protests and demonstrations, as well as organized activities by ultra-Orthodox and extreme right-wing activists.

Recently, the tour guides became involved in the conflict. The Israel Tour Guide Association (ITGA), which represents about 2,500 guides, have sent a letter to the tourism and public security ministers, asking them to intervene in the situation at the gravesite, which they said was “controlled by a radical haredi group that is doing as it pleases there.”

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