J Street Rabbi Breaks with Leftist Zionism and Israel

By Moshe Phillips

J Street holds a rally against a Jewish presence in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

At the end of February J Street will be holding its second national conference in Washington. Some of its leadership (and much of its base) have shown that they have lost patience with its program and are taking a much more radical stance. They even started using the language of the PLO and Hamas to attack Israel.

J Street is the controversial George Soros-funded Jewish pressure group that was created to lobby for a Palestinian state.

Writing in the Washington Jewish Week, Richard Greenberg accurately depicted J Street’s current situation:

“As the organization gears up for its second national confab later this month, J Street continues to generate buzz–but much of it has been unwelcome. Steeped in controversy since its inception in 2008, the group recently has become embroiled in a succession of political and ideological feuds that have sharply eroded whatever credibility and clout it may have accumulated.”

I have previously written about the radical rabbis that comprise much of J Street’s Advisory Council.

Rabbi Brian Walt is a leading voice in the Advisory Council and in the most recent issue of Tikkun Magazine he offers a very stark reminder of the anger toward Israel and Zionism that is harbored by the radicals that make up the core of J Street’s base.

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