Israeli settler leader: Fires are divine punishment for planned evacuations

israelfire11-25Forest fire in Dolev. (photo credit:JUDEA AND SAMARIA FIRE DEPARMENT)
A leader of Israeli settlers said that the fires raging in Israel, which officials partly attribute to Palestinian arsonists, are really divine punishment for the government’s plans to uproot settlements.

The chief rabbi for Samaria and the community of Elon Moreh, Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, made the controversial assertion about the 250 fires recorded in recent days in Israel in a pamphlet he published Thursday, the news site Srugim reported.

In his pamphlet, Levanon wrote: “Strong winds usually carry rain but now all is dry and flammable. It is G-d’s hand that does it. The Israeli government is delaying the approval of the law for regulation,” he added in reference to a bill designed to legalize Amona and other West Bank outposts deemed illegal.  “Until the disgrace of the threat of eviction is lifted from Amona, Ofra and elsewhere, no rain will fall.”

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