Israeli official: EU proposal to negotiate West Bank redlines is a death warrant

ShowImage.jpg10By HERB KEINON

A European diplomatic official says the proposed formula reflects growing frustration in European capitals with Israel’s continued building beyond the pre-1967 lines.

The European Union is asking Jerusalem to weave the rope with which they will come to hang Israel, a senior diplomatic official said Wednesday in response to reports that the EU is interested in negotiating with Israel over its redlines in the West Bank. 

Haaretz on Wednesday published an internal document drawn up by EU officials in Brussels that outlined the content of a sharp message regarding Israel’s construction beyond the Green Line and its policies in the West Bank that the EU’s Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen has been instructed to deliver at the “highest possible level” in the Foreign Ministry and National Security Council.

According to the document, the EU “considers the preservation of the two-state solution a priority.

The only way to resolve the conflict is through an agreement that ends the occupation which began in 1967, that ends all claims and fulfills the aspirations of both parties. A one-state reality would not be compatible with these aspirations.”


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