Israeli candidate for US Congress makes headlines


By Ryan Jones

Itamar Gelbman has become the new talk of the US political blogosphere after he promised as part of his congressional election campaign to “stop the Islamization of America.” That promise was listed among others on a campaign flyer sent to Republican voters in Texas’ 6th congressional district ahead of party primaries, when Gelbman will challenge long-time incumbent Joe Barton.

The American Muslim community is in something of an uproar over the Gelbman flyer, but a Tea Party-aligned candidate who opposes any hint of Sharia Law in America is nothing new. What is unique about Gelbman is that he, as his name indicates, is not just American.

Gelbman’s flyer identifies him as an “Army lieutenant for Congress,” but it’s not referring to the US Army. Gelbman was indeed born in the US, and is a US citizen, but as a child he immigrated to Israel with his family. Growing up in Israel, Gelbman joined and served with distinction in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and also had a brief career as an undercover police officer in Tel Aviv.

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