Israel concerned about UNIFIL takeover

Indonesia may command naval force, complicating IDF’s coordination. Israel is concerned that Indonesia could take up command of UNIFIL’s naval force, making it difficult for the IDF and particularly the Israel Navy to maintain a high level of coordination with the peacekeeping force.

Italy is currently in charge of the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force after taking over command from the German Navy last November. Germany, Greece, Italy and Turkey all contribute to the force.

Since the task force began operations following the Second Lebanon War and the decision to beef up UNIFIL, the task force has hailed some 30,000 ships and referred several hundred to the Lebanese authorities for further inspections.

Italy, however, is scheduled to step down from command of the task force in June and Israel has received word that Indonesia is being considered as one of the possible candidates to command the naval force. Germany is also being discussed as a potential candidate.

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