Israel Army preparing for possible limited ground invasion of Syria (VIDEO)

667432_C-300x225The Israel Defense Forces is preparing for the possibility of a limited ground incursion into Syria in the case of massive rocket fire from the country falling on Israeli territory, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Sunday.

The IDF carried out a large division-scale exercise this past week in the Golan Heights which included the scenario, according to the

The IDF has been carrying out training exercises that include the possibility of a limited ground incursion into Syria. (PHOTO: IDF Spokespersonreport. )

The preparations are being made in response to the rise in power of radical Islamists in Syria and an understanding that the current calm on Israel’s northern front is more fluid than it appears to be and could change at any moment.

According to recent reports, some extremist elements in Syria may have gained control of chemical weapons stockpiles, and the IDF exercise included preparations for this possibility as well. However, Israel’s defense establishment has estimated that the chances of such a scenario materializing are very low.

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