Inconceivable pain, profound joy, terrible consequences

 By Stan Goodenough In an expression of unfathomable grief, a young Jewish man Thursday night defaced the memorial in Tel Aviv to assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.*

Shvuel Schijveschuurder – who was arrested then released on bail – was 17 years old when, in 2001, his mother, father, brother and two sisters were killed along with 10 other people in the Sbarro Pizzeria “suicide” bombing in Jerusalem.

The female university student who drove the bomber to restaurant, when sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment, expressed pride in her accomplishment and confidently predicted, “I know I will be freed from prison.”

One year before, Israeli reservists Yesef Avrahami and Vadim Novesche accidentally drove into Ramallah and were set upon, beaten, stabbed, had their eyes gouged out, were disemboweled and cannibalized by a Palestinian Arab crowd. Vadim’s wife, who called his cellphone while the lynching was underway, was answered by a shrieking Arab man who jeeringly told her: “We are murdering your husband.”

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