Happiness: The three S’s of Sukkot

happiness-the-three-ss-of-sukkot-230x150Three tools for attaining more happiness.

by Rabbi Eliyahu Heller

Judaism places a big emphasis on happiness. In fact, the holiday of Sukkot is centered around the concept of happiness. No wonder it is called “the time of our joy,” a time where we are supposed to be filled with happiness and thanksgiving.
Here are the three S’s of Sukkot for lasting happiness.

1. Stop Chasing It
On Sukkot we leave our comfortable, expansive homes and move into the flimsy confines of the sukkah. The temperature can soar into triple digits or plummet below zero depending on which part of the globe you live in. The wind could blow down your sukkah in a moment. How can living in such exposed and uncomfortable conditions be such an integral part of this holiday of happiness?

The Jewish word for happiness is simcha which is directly connected with the word tzmicha, or growth. Happiness is the pleasurable experience that results from engaging in meaningful work and in progression towards meaningful goals.

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