Government plans land giveaway to combat troops

Proposed legislation would grant real estate worth NIS 100,000 to every fighting soldier.

Troops serving in Israel Defense Forces combat units will be allocated land upon discharge from military service, a new government initiative revealed on Monday stated.

The proposal, submitted by Gila Gamliel, the deputy minister for the advancement of young people, students and women, would grant a quarter of a dunam, or 250 square meters, to every fighting soldier upon release, the Yedioth Ahronot daily reported on Monday.

Each plot would be worth between NIS 100,000 and NIS 150,000.

Land will be allocated in the Galilee, the Negev desert, the Jordan valley and the Golan Heights – with the result that the move is likely to be seen as a continuation of the government’s controversial policy of encouraging Israeli Jews to reside in rural regions with large Arab populations.

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Jordan valley, Golan Heights

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