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By Avi Lipkin/Victor Mordecai

When Egyptian Field Marshall and Minister of War Mohammed Tantawi said recently that “Egypt would know how to cut off the arm of the enemy (Israel) when the time came,” it reminded me of something he had said in 1995 while our former prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, was still alive and was the peace-seeking leader of the Jewish State: “Even though Israel has nuclear weapons, Egypt will know how to cut off the arm of the enemy when the time comes.”

I read this in the “Mideast Update” of the Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, edited by Stan Goodenough. He also quoted a former War Minister Huwaidi as saying at that same meeting: “War with Israel is a certainty, and Egypt is ready.”

Again, these two military officers and leaders said these things right after Israel made its second peace agreement with an Arab State: Jordan under the leadership of Yitzhak Rabin.

When I met my Egyptian-born wife Rachel, the first thing she said to me about her life in Egypt was that her Moslem neighbors and classmates would say to her: “The Jews and the Christians together are the ‘People of the Book’. The only difference between them is that Jews keep the Sabbath on Saturday and the Christians keep the Sabbath on Sunday. Therefore we shall kill the Jews on Saturday and the Christians on Sunday.” They also said to Rachel before Egypt expelled her and her family from Egypt: “We know you are going to Israel. Be assured, we will find you in Israel and we will kill you and all the Jews and Christians there.”

During the course of my life with Rachel, both of us have constantly been reminded of Egyptian battle plans for the destruction of Israel. Both Rachel and I supported the peace agreement with Israel, but we knew that eventually, the pathological hatred of the Egyptian Moslems would lead to their plans to implement their “final solution” for the Jews and Christians.

When I was a translator in the Government Press Office in Jerusalem under Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir in the summer of 1990, I received a communique to be translated with urgency, that then Iraqi Foreign Minister Tareq Aziz emerged from a meeting of the Iraqi National Assembly with a paper in his hand saying: “Here I have the signature of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that he would attack Israel two weeks after Israel attacked Iraq.” This was the hope of Saddam Hussein: That after Saddam invaded Kuwait and attacked Israel with rockets, in Desert Storm, that Israel’s counterattack against Iraq would lead to Egyptian intervention against Israel. And this is the true reason for Israel not retaliating against the Iraqi Scud bombardments. So no war broke out between Egypt and Israel at that time.

In November 1996, during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s first term of office, I received information from American military sources that the Egyptians in their Badr-96 maneuvers were preparing, together with the Syrians, Iraqis and Saudis to attack Israel. At the very last moment, a war was averted because of British and American pressures on Egypt not to start a war with Israel.

I have no doubt that President Hosni Mubarak was a very frustrated man because the world would just not allow him to attack Israel time and time again. Egypt did, however, oppose Israel in almost every possible international forum, especially the NPT (non-proliferation treaty forums).

Now with the downfall of Mubarak, and the rise of the Moslem Brotherhood and their erstwhile allies/enemies the Salafists, we again see increasing calls by the Moslems to revoke the peace agreement and even to go to war with Israel. We see that there are no more Jews (Saturday People) living in Egypt,and the plan now is for the Moslems to complete the “final solution” of the Sunday people which will inevitably lead to 1. their deaths, 2. their conversion to Islam, or 3. their exodus from Egypt leading to the inevitable collapse of the Egyptian economy and tens of millions of starving Egyptian Moslems once the Christians have left Egypt

Rachel has reminded me, that throughout modern Egyptian history, wars with Israel have been a “good valve to release the tremendous explosive vapor pressure of the Egyptian people” to deal with their frustrations at a failed leadership by going to war again and again against Israel always leading to disastrous results for Egypt. One of the definitions of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again thinking that this time, the results will be different. Ihis is part of the insanity of Islam.

My only response to Tantawi is: Israel was forced to take Sinai three times in wars of self-defense and US presidents forced us each time to return Sinai. If the Egyptians force us into a fourth war of self-defense and we are forced to take Sinai again as an act of self-defense, this time Israel will be insane to return it to Egypt a fourth time, to a people whose religion, Islam, bears a pathological hatred for the Jews and Christians. If Israel is forced a fourth time to return Sinai, it is also insanity by the Israelis for making the same mistake four times. thinking that this time, the result will be different!

By the way, I was “courtmartialed” as an Israel Defense Forces spokesman in the reserves in 1995 but then vindicated for quoting Tantawi when he said “Even though Israel has nuclear weapons, Egypt will know how to cut off the arm of the enemy when the time comes.” (Israel never comments on what weapons it has or has not.)

Recommended readings from the Bible: Isaiah 19:2 and Ezekiel 29.

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