God’s calling card

GodsCallingCard-230x150Sometimes receiving a sign that God is orchestrating events can transform one’s life.
by Jonathan Rosenblum

One afternoon, Toronto cardiologist Dr. Earl (Eliyahu Avraham) Nussbaum discovered that his secretary had mistakenly scheduled an appointment with him for an elderly woman, who had previously been seen by another cardiologist in his group practice. She was not even his patient. Moreover, he was supposed to pick up his daughter after school at that time at a bus stop exposed to the elements,

Though irritated, he knew his colleague would never agree to see a patient not on his schedule for the day, even if she was elderly and already in the office. So he met with her rather than raise a ruckus with the secretaries.

After speaking to the patient and examining her, he ordered a series of tests, and scheduled a follow-up appointment to go over the results. Her results were fine. But to his surprise, when Dr. Nussbaum informed the elderly woman that her heart was fine and her symptoms not a cause of concern, she showed no relief and remained completely affectless.

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