From Caesarea, Israel, Beck and speakers kick off event with â

 By Adam Taxin

This past Sunday, August 21, Glenn Beck began the series of programs leading to his main “Restoring Courage” event, in Jerusalem, Israel on Wednesdady. Kicking off “the Countdown to a Global Movement,” the Beck broadcast welcomed the world to the Jewish State.

Sunday’s “Courage To Love” program was broadcast from the Roman occupation-era amphitheater in Caesarea, Israel. 3,000 people filled the amphitheater, hearing a range of speakers which included Beck, David Barton (Aledo, Texas-based historian and minister), John Hagee (San Antonio-based pastor), Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (founding rabbi of the Upper West Side’s Lincoln Square Synagogue and currently chief rabbi of Efrat in Israel’s Judea region) and Dr. Mike Evans (Phoenix-based Christian-Zionist journalist).

In many ways, this first broadcast was geared toward drawing Christians into the meaning and reasoning behind Beck’s pro-Israel agenda. To that end, Beck spoke to his audience as Christians. As the evening continued, Glenn Beck evolved this Christian approach into an all-encompassing approach. By night’s end, it was clear that Beck could reach out to his Jewish viewers and draw them in with a sense of belonging and community.

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