Fear for Beit El, fear for Israel

When Beit El is treated as a Jewish Jabalya and not like Kibbutz Sasa, a brave community on the Lebanese border settled by idealistic American halutzim, I fear for Israel. Giulio Meotti When the state decides to demolish Jewish houses in the place named for where Jacob had the vision of the ladder, I fear for Israel.

When the Ministry of Defense announces the withdrawal from areas in Judea and Samaria, I fear for Israel.

When the IDF is used to deport the most brave Jews and is preparing for another Gush Katif disaster, I fear for Israel.

When an Israeli prime minister says that he and the Israelis are “tired of fighting”, I fear for Israel.

When the Supreme Court abandons the most idealistic citizens, I fear for Israel.

When the Arabs see another Jewish capitulation, I fear for Israel.

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