Exclusive: Trump beats Clinton in Israeli absentee-voter exit poll

The total number of votes coming from Israel, 30,000, is significantly lower than voter turnout in Israel in 2012, which some say is because of the candidates running.

An Israeli soldier walks past members of the US Republican party’s election campaign team in Israel, who are holding a banner in support of Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump, during a campaign aimed at potential American voters living in Israel, near a mall in Modi’in, Israel
Republican Nominee Donald Trump won the US presidential vote among American citizens voting from Israel, according to an iVoteIsrael exit poll taken this week, but in an election plagued with low favorability ratings for both candidates, he had a far less impressive showing than past Republicans have in Israel.

As The Jerusalem Post exclusively reported on Wednesday, Trump received 49% of the Israeli-American vote, while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got 44%, according to the poll conducted by get-out-thevote organization iVoteIsrael and KEEVOON Global Research.
The majority of voters in Israel viewed the candidates unfavorably, with Trump receiving a 65% unfavorable rating and 32% favorable, and Clinton seen as 64% unfavorable and 34% favorable.

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