Europe united against Israel


Op-ed: Europe’s failure to run its own affairs doesn’t stop it from constantly interfering in Israel’s affairs Eldad Beck

BERLIN – Just when the vision, or delusion, of Europe’s unity is facing a grave reality test, it’s amazing to see how one issue manages to unite the failing, disintegrating European bureaucracy: The grudge toward Israel.

Even the Euro crisis, which threatens to sink European unity into a new nationalist storm, cannot ease the inherent hostility of the European apparatus, located in Brussels, to the Jewish state. By now it looks like a sick obsession that blinds the patient’s eyes and prevents him from seeing his real problems.

Almost not a day goes by without the office of “foreign minister” Catherine Ashton or the EU “embassy” in Israel issuing a condemnation of Israeli actions in the West Bank, Gaza Strip or inside Israel. With zealousness that can only attest to disproportional devotion, EU emissaries – mostly with the help of Israeli collaborators who enjoy generous funding – monitor anything that could be perceived to undermine the rights of Palestinians or Israel’s Arab citizens.

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