Egozi’s fury – oh, the disgrace

Egozi’s Fury – oh, the Disgrace

18315594_m-egozi-featurePosted by Arie Egozi

Hamas dictated all the moves throughout Protective Edge, including what time the ceasefire takes effect. Hamas also fired the last shot.

Israel’s intelligence failed big time when it comes to the magnitude of the threat posed by Hamas attack tunnels and Hamas artillery capabilities.

Israel’s defense community failed in terms of its preparations against the attack tunnels. Years of neglect exploded in our faces when the first terrorist emerged from them.

Just as no effort was made to handle the threat of tunnels, they did not realize the immense danger posed by simple weapons, namely the mortar shells. No precaution was taken, and this claimed Israeli lives.

Israel’s cabinet, which was supposed to be the body steering the campaign, turned out to be a bunch of loudmouthed ministers whom the minister of defense and the prime minister took very little consideration of.
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