Demand justice for murdered teens

Exclusive: Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn want U.S. to dump ‘restraint’ rhetoric

Israel and the American Jewish community are in deep mourning over the brutal kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. But at the same time, Israel is taking action against Hamas – and concerned Americans should be urging the Obama administration to fully back Israel’s steps against the terrorists.

The murder of the three teenagers is not just an Israeli problem. It is an American problem, too – because one of the victims was an American; because the U.S. government sends $500 million in aid to the Palestinians each year; and because Israel’s fight against Hamas is part of the broader struggle of the West against Islamist terrorists, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Gaza.

The administration’s initial response to the crisis was deeply disappointing. Despite the kidnappings, President Obama has continued to recognize and support the Palestinian Authority-Hamas unity regime. The annual U.S. aid package of $500 million to the Palestinian Arabs has continued, even though Hamas is now indirectly benefiting from that aid.

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