Biden: Critics of Iran nuclear deal ‘don’t get it’

biden-e1430455496845-635x357In Washington Institute address, VP defends Obama’s approach, takes minor jabs at Netanyahu but says Israel ‘absolutely right’ to be worried

By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil

WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden tacitly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday night for his opposition to the emerging Iranian nuclear deal, saying that those who say that the deal will “pave Iran’s path to a bomb… don’t get it.”

At the same time, the vice president defended Israel’s right to be worried about its security, stressing that “the notion that Israel is too concerned is preposterous.”

Biden spoke at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s annual gala dinner, devoting his entire address to the administration’s negotiations toward an agreement between Iran and the P5+1 member states ahead of a June 30 deadline. The sides reached a framework agreement in late March, but no text was signed or finalized, and there are major discrepancies over what was agreed, including over the process of sanctions relief.

In his address, Biden had choice words for critics who warn that the 10-year sunset clauses for key parts of the agreement “pave Iran’s path to a bomb,” saying they simply “don’t get it, they’re wrong.” While Biden didn’t mention Netanyahu by name, it was a clear reference to the Israeli prime minister, who has repeatedly railed against the deal using that exact phrase.

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