Awash in rumors of war

‘Mysterious explosion rocks Iranian city of Isfahan’ – The Jerusalem Post, November 28, 2011, 19:30

For weeks Israelis have been greeted – almost every day – with headlines sounding the ticking clock that is measuring the minutes toward war.

Other things – for us, relative trivia, but indicative of growing global chaos – have dominated the news in the west: Occupy Wall Street; the imminent collapse of the Euro; the quest for a Republican candidate for 2012; the guilty verdict for Michael Jackson’s doctor; allegations of misconduct against Herman Cain…

All the while, here in the Middle East, we have been made freshly aware of how swiftly we could slide into a massive – even non-conventional – war against Iran and its proxies around us. We have been wondering what the coming hours and days could bring – and we wonder how long we’ll be left wondering.

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