At Knesset, Hollande calls for two-state solution with Jerusalem as joint capital

778By LAHAV HARKOV     French president vows to maintain sanction pressure on Iran until Tehran gives up its plan to develop nuclear weapons.

French President François Hollande’s speech to the Knesset Monday, which began with fanfare and ended with a standing ovation, stuck to mostly noncontroversial messages but sparked the ire of some MKs on the right when he discussed talks with the Palestinians and said Jerusalem must be the joint capital of Israel and a future Palestinian state.

The French president called for Israel and the Palestinian Authority to “be realistic” and look for creative solutions to end the conflict, saying settlement construction must end.

This brought applause from from left-wing and Arab parties.

“We need a compromise through a two-state solution.

Peace will be your biggest victory,” he said, adding in Hebrew: “May there be peace for the people of Israel.”

Hollande reaffirmed his commitment to preventing Iran from reaching nuclear capability and to the strong relationship between his country and Israel.

He received applause from nearly all the MKs in the plenum when he said “France will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

France will make sure sanctions continue until Tehran gives up its plan to develop nuclear weapons, he said.

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