American medical volunteers pitch in post-war

20140828_180506-635x357Group at Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center came ready to assist during hostilities, arrived after ceasefire

By Renee Ghert-Zand

Members of the EVP medical team at Barzilai Medical Center pose with EVP CEO Adi Zahavi (right) before assisting Israeli medical staff in the OR. From left: Wendi Schambach (RN, Texas), Scott Goldstein (paramedic, Baltimore) and Scott Weiner (paramedic, Baltimore). (Courtesy)
A volunteer team of American medical personnel thought they were flying to Israel last week to assist the staff at Asheklon’s Barzilai Medical Center during wartime. The fact that the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went in to effect as they were in the air en route to Tel Aviv did not deter them. They wanted to help Israel, and it didn’t matter whether Operation Protective Edge was still going on or not.
“People have asked us if we are disappointed by the ceasefire,” said Wendi Schambach, a nurse from Fort Worth, Texas, who spoke Monday to The Times of Israel as she was finishing up a rotation in the hospital’s recovery room before flying home on Tuesday.
“We are not at all disappointed. Our mission has not changed. We’re here to help put a program in place so that there can be future assistance.”

Schambach came to Ashkelon with the Emergency Volunteers Project, which also brought over a dozen American firefighters this summer to help put out fires caused by rockets from Gaza that fell in southern Israel. The nonprofit organization was founded in late 2009 by two Israeli medics and an Israeli firefighter who realized in the wake of Operation Cast Lead and later, following 2010′s Carmel forest fire, the need for Israel to bring in first responder reinforcements in times of crisis.
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