All set with Iron Dome, IDF awaits Magic Wand

46054863393898116116noIDF finishing preparations for sixth missile interception system. It will happen within two months – perhaps as early as July. Meanwhile, ‘Magic Wand,’ supposed to intercept missiles from longer distance, presented at Paris Air Show

By Yoav Zitun

The Air Force is finishing up the preparations for the absorption of a sixth Iron Dome battery. The battery is expected to arrive from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems within two months, and it may happen as early as next month. Within the aerial defense system, troops have completed staff preparations.   The battery will have similar capabilities to those of the fifth Iron Dome battery – with the possibility of intercepting several rockets at once, longer ranges than before and from different directions. Defense budget cuts are not expected to affect the IDF’s continued military buildup of the Iron Dome system, and through January 2014, two additional batteries are expected to be deployed.

Meanwhile, the army is waiting for the delivery of the Magic Wand system, which is supposed to intercept rockets from an even larger distance. The system was presented this week by Rafael at the Paris Airshow.

The main goal of Magic Wand is to intercept missiles from Lebanon, launched by Hezbollah. Last December, the Defense Ministry, together with the US Missile Defense Agency, completed a preliminary trial of the system, leading to investment in its development.

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